The Lean Startup Epilogue notes

These are my notes on this chapter from the book The Lean Startup. My original post is here.

There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all!

It is insufficient to exhort workers to try harder. Our current problems are caused by trying too hard – at wrong things. By focusing on functional efficiency, we lose sight of the real goal of innovation: to learn that which is currently unknown.

The most pressing innovation question: How can we build a sustainable organisation around a new set of product or services?

If we stopped wasting people’s time, what would they do with it? We have no real concept of what is possible.

To be obsessed with learning the truth and not satisfied with folk wisdom of crafts-people or the parables of experts.

How much of our current innovation work is guided by catchphrase that lack a scientific foundation…

There is a need to develop clear methods for holding team accountable for validated learning. Innovation accounting using a well-defined financial model and engine of growth.

The Lean Start up must avoid doctrines and rigid ideology. We must avoid the caricature that science means formula or a lack of humanity in work. Science is one of humanity’s most creative pursuits.

Everyone would insist that assumptions be stated explicitly and tested rigorously not as a stalling tactic or a form of make-work but one of a genuine desire to discover the truth that underlies every projects vision.

We must not waste time on endless arguments between the defenders of quality and the cowboys of reckless advance; recognise that speed and quality are allies in the pursuit of the customer’s long-term benefit. Race to test the vision, look to eliminate waste not to build quality castles in the sky but in the service of agility and breakthrough business results.

Respond to failures and setbacks with honesty and learning.

Shun the impulse to slow down, increase the batch size, and indulge in the curse of prevention.

Achieve speed by bypassing the excess work that does not lead to learning.

Dedicate ourselves to the creation of new institution with a long-term mission to build sustainable value and change the world for the better.

Stop wasting People’s time!

Reading is good, action is better!

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