The Lean Startup Introduction notes

These are my notes on this chapter from the book The Lean Startup. My original post is here.

This chapter sees Eric talking to his experience and how the Lean Start Up came about, driven by the desire of building a sustainable business rather than another start up that fails. He then outlines the principles of the Lean Start up Method:

  • Entrepreneurs are everywhere – Lean Start up approach can work in any size company, even a large enterprise, in any sector or industry.
  • Entrepreneurship is management – Start up is an institution and it requires a new kind of management specifically geared to its context of extreme uncertainty.
  • Validated learning – Learning which is validated scientifically by running frequent experiments allowing you to test each element.
  • Build-Measure-Learn – The fundamental activity of a start up is to turn ideas into product, measure how customers respond, and then learn whether to pivot or persevere.
  • Innovation accounting – Need to focus on the boring stuff: how to measure progress, how to set up milestones, and how to prioritise work.

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