About me

Hi there

I hold a masters in computer science and have many years experience in the IT industry.

I am very interested in the world of data science and visualisation. I like to code my visualisations in Processing and JavaFX, that is until I find something more exciting – well I have now side stepped into Big Data and data analytics.

I am currently working for a company in the business intelligence and anaytics area. I am gaining experience of Big Data (and my oh my it is) and getting exposure to Hadoop, as well as DB2 and Tableau. Previous to this I have worked on a short term contract involving MS SSIS, and an excel add-in,  researching record linkage solutions for anonymous data-sets, as well as working in New Media and extensively in the finance sector.

2016 update – Since writing the above I have moved on a bit and have now wandered into the wonderful world of Product Management (hence my posts have changed somewhat). I still try and write code in my spare time, but most of my time and thoughts are about Product Management. I enjoy Product Management as you are involved in shaping the vision and strategy of a product as well as better understanding what problem people are looking to solve, and determining the success of a product, e.g. revenue, usage, etc.

I was tempted to create a new blog for Product Management posts, which I might do, but so far I have used tags to try and create the split. I am still very interested in data, data science, and data visualisation; that will never cease.

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