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The JavaFX cinema…

April 13, 2010

I recently received an email notification for the next svjugfx presentation, Hands-on JavaFx – Scripting the Scene Graph. I was disappointed that I would not be able to either attend or watch it live (what with me being in the UK and it being in California).

Anyway I then noticed a link to ubivent, in fact looking into this further I discovered they have written a “portal” (using the term lightly) based around JavaFX and this groups offerings, including watching the previous presentations.

I loaded the application, and loved the interface! It is just so cool, I think they have done an exceptional job in making the experience of using this application not only really straight forward and easy but also making it feel a little more real!

For example logging in is not just the dull challenge for username and password, you are presented with an image of a office entrance and the requirement to gain access that most of us have to fulfil.

Once logged in you can literally wander around the area and select what you are interested in.

Did I mention I really like this UI.

I hope to watch this presentation via this portal.