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The Raspberry Pi

July 29, 2012

I came across this a while ago, I watched a piece on the BBC News website by Rory Cellan-Jones. I immediately went off to Element14 and placed my order (opting for the T-Shirt as well!).

Anyway, I took delivery of my RaspberryPi the other week! It was at this point I realised I needed to order the mouse, keyword, SD card, and power supply 🙂

So off I went and found said parts quite quickly on ebay (SD card) and trendinguk (keyboard, mouse and power supply).

So, like a second Christmas, I took delivery of all the peripherals and started setting everything up!
In the first instance I needed to write the operating system onto the SD card, and found the following article to be very easy to follow. After that, I was ready to boot it up and plugged in the Keyboard, mouse and HDMI cable, fitted the power supply and “Hey Presto” I had a Raspberry Pi up and running on my TV!!!

I then enabled SSH allowing me to login remotely (rather than hijack the TV, as I don’t have a monitor).

Since then I have changed the default password :-), created my own user, installed Apache, PHP and MySQL (using the following tutorial).

It is all so simple, and really exciting!

I will continue to play, and probably buy a wireless network device, a battery, and the casing and then see what I can do… I am interested in tracking.

Watch this space.

Check out my photos here.