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Does Oracle and the JavaFX team have any interest in taking on Silverlight’s PivotViewer?

July 1, 2010

I do hope so!!

I read today about Pivotviewer via a PCWorld article, and endured Larry Larsen’s talk / interview. It is a very dull talk, but the software appears to be brilliant! There is a better overview here

Who wants to employ me to write something better in JavaFx 🙂

Being serious though, this is something Oracle should do with JavaFX. Surely a JavaFX data visualisation tool interfacing with a Oracle database is a better model than a Silverlight data visualisation tool interfacing with an Oracle database?

Wow, a Silverlight post on a JavaFX / Java blog? I need to go and lie down to rest my weary head… I have to admit, I do like Pivotviewer…