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ExcelDna – Developing XLL AddIn in Excel 2002 with C#

September 21, 2010

Ok, so this blog has, so far, been dominated by JavaFX and Processing talk / code (with the occasional Java / algorithm talk). However, I have recently started on a new “gig” and so am tasked with developing a number of Excel UDF, in Excel 2002 😦 I was, and am, determined not to write these in VBA but in C#, and in my searches to accomplish this feat I came across this application.

I just have to share this with you, it is so easy to use. Further to that the support forum is amazing. I have posted two “beginners” questions and I have had them answered straight away (exactly, without having to go back and forth).

I am really impressed, I know I will be recommending this application to anyone I know who wants to code up an XLL!!!

A big thank you to Govert van Drimmelan – You can download ExcelDNA here.