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Data Scientist, and the Strata conference

December 20, 2010

Just a quick one, came across an advert for the Strata Conference earlier today on the O’Reilly site. This is a conference I would dearly love to go to, however it is a bit too expensive for me at the moment (including travel).

In the mean time I came across a couple of very interesting resources related to this conference:

There is a nice article What is Data Science, which gives you a good overview of the field and what people are doing. I have read bits before, but other bits not. As ever I felt quite inspired, more new things to learn!!


Machine Learning: A Love Story – By Hilary Mason. It is an hour long, but it just flies by. I really enjoyed it (she should turn it into a book) – her blog can be found here. Also, she is attending Strata.

Like I say, just a quick one. I just wanted to share.